Help Buy Exotic Cars Fundraiser Foundation (satire)

caring for disabled son 24 – 7 | deep honest interview with strangers on the beach

Committed into an asylum | interview | speaking with her

Kidney Transplant Survivor Conversation

leg spasms | involuntary movements | neurological condition

crying watching footage

Note 2 Self | Part 1

throw your phone in the ocean

Chicken Eats Crappy Nappy Song

that sucks balls (real life)

Life is a Trip | Redemption

caring for disabled son 24-7 | honest interview with strangers on beach | shorts version

Gentle silence falling into years | Note 2 Self

Comedy Skit 🙂 First World Problems Fundraiser Foundation (satire comedy)

The last six years have been hell.

Sick Of Talking

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crying watching footage

Funny Toilet Training Fail

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Captain Selfie Says

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that sucks balls (real life)

Must be a good book.